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Grey’s Anatomy 8×13 – If/Then


Well that was an interesting experiment. It seems like every season, Greys tries to pull off a different kind of episode. Some like the musical episode failed miserably, while others such as the one that adopted a real time 24-style format succeeded superbly. This hour falls somewhere in the middle. While it wasn’t fantastic, it was definitely far from horrible. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit and thought it was a strong offering albeit a bit heavy handed at times.

I don’t think they needed to be so on the nose regarding various aspects such as Meredith & Christina bonding a bit too much in a reality where it just wasn’t realistic, or Addison carrying Mark’s baby. Yes they were definitely amusing touches but a bit too crazy for my liking. Nevertheless, this was a dream episode so I’ll let them slide because I still enjoyed the hour immensely.

It was particularly intriguing to watch the havoc that Ellis Grey would cause had she still been alive. Also, I loved Callie and Arizona bonding as well as Meredith & The Chief (and of course Baily being an utter wimp). The hour was simply filled with a bunch of amusing and charming little touches (Mcdreary comes to mind) that managed to overshadow the cringing-worthy parts.

Ultimately, it was a nice change of pace although I’m excited to get back into the thick of things next week.

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  1. I'd like to talk about something completely irrelevant:
    The real-time grey's episode where Meredith ran the ER was executed brilliantly. The Song they used in the end (Back Ted N Ted- Losing control) would get on my nerves if i had heard it on the radio, but now it's on a staple in my itunes because of what it stands for: that wonderful episode. I play it whenever my shifts are running a bit too long and it gives me the kick i need to finish the night.
    This year's extra special february sweeps episode wasn't that bad… it followed the formulaic alternate-reality recipe that all the other shows used: the characters somehow always end the episode where they are in the original reality… aka find their way back… Mer-Der, Owen-Christina…

  2. That real-time episode was really oh so brilliant. It's an hour I'd really like to watch again soon. The alternate reality was predictably done this year like you said. And yes haha I have control on my itunes too! I've discovered so many wonderful songs on Greys and esp One Tree Hill over the years!!

  3. Loved this one too! I can't believe they managed to bring Adison back for this alt-reality one too! This had to be the last time she was EVER on this show, right? How sad.

    And the real-time episode you guys are talking about was EPIC. One of my all-time favorite episodes of Grey's. I actually rewatch that every year haha! Brilliant.

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