One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill 9×04 – Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt


Surprisingly good. Who knew they still had it in them. Still not as eventful as I would like but I did enjoy this episode. I have to say although I discover a lot of music through this show, it’s quite distracting how they basically never play a single scene without a soundtrack. Do they have such little faith in writing staff and actors to stimulate the audience without the use of music? I don’t remember music being this intrusive in the show’s first few seasons.

Anyways, concerning the episode, I actually loved how they handled Brooke & Julian. Austin Nichols was pretty good with his final breakdown and made me actually like his coupling with Brooke (took them a few years). I’m also intrigued by Nathan’s disappearance at the end and inclusion of the drug lords (as cliche as that might be). Clay’s problem in the other hand is just plain weird and I’m just unsure how to feel about it. The less said about Mouth’s ongoing FAT storyline the better.

And why are we introducing a new character (Tara) so soon to the series finale? Whatever. I’ll take what I can get and this was good. Here’s hoping they can keep this up and restore some dignity to the show.

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