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The Good Wife 3×14 – Another Ham Sandwich


Utterly brilliant. There was just SO damn much to love about this episode that I really don’t know where to start.

I LOVED Alicia standing up in the middle of the grand jury questioning and threatening Wendy to “arrest” her. It was one of her most badass moments on the show (and of course she’s had quite a few). The trial itself was captivating to watch on every level from David Lee being questioned to Will and Diane. Each of their personalities was just so vividly realized through this show’s stunning writing that really never ceases to amaze me.

Other memorable moments include Kalinda getting slapped, the guilt on Carey’s face as Alicia was being cornered, the grand jury hilariously squabbling and destroying Wendy’s plans, and Alicia’s fight with Peter. Finally, I loved that the storyline came to a close (I really didn’t want this dragged out anymore) and we got a suitably happy ending for once with the office party (and the always hilarious Elizabeth Tascioni).

All in all, this was truly one of my most favorite hours ever of The Good Wife. Superb.

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  1. Wow, I'm just speechless. I think Alicia getting up and saying “arrest me” in the middle of court is the single most amazing moment of television I've seen so far. I seriously got goosebumps here. WOW.

    And you're soooo right about how these characters are so vividly realized as apparent in the trial and how everyone got a few moments of screentime on the stand. Really a testament to the show's OUTSTANDING writing.

    Just realized that this is one of VERY FEW shows out there that's very satisfying to watch. There's no negativity, even when everything is crashing down around our characters' lives (and this could have easily been a depressing episode to watch). It's making it very difficult for me to watch Suits now – which is negative, unrealistic and just plain bland in comparison.

  2. Had to go back and rewatch a few scenes of this episode (it was just THAT good). I noticed the opening scene depicts the jury members doodling stuff on their notebooks. What a subtle yet FASCINATING little detail showing that these jurors were bored from this case right from the start. I can't believe I missed it the first time! Just perfect.

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