Ringer 1×12 – What Are You Doing Here, Hoe-Bag?


Well, at least there’s some forward momentum going on. But the cringe-worthyness just keeps on coming. Who knew “the usual” meant an escape limo to JFK? Or that people spoke in exposition so bluntly these days (what are we doing OUTSIDE.YOUR.BUILDING. Siobhan). I’ve seriously never rolled my eyes at a show this much in my life. Nevertheless, I’m still here. There’s just something addictive about this horrible, horrible show. Looking on the bright side, Juliet’s mom was an amusing if one-note character who shook things up a bit. But Henry, Andrew, Malcolm etc… all pathetic, terribly written characters that serve nothing but the plot in the most heavy handed manner possible. I PRAY things will get explosive and collide next week because as well always, the ingredients are there. If only the writers knew how to cook ’em better.

Nad Rating


  1. I love your Ringer reviews a lot. They're always so scathing!

    I agree about the silliness of some of it, like Siobhan just waiting outsie her building. For that matter, how did Bridget not see her?! ha

    I wouldn't necessarily describe Catherine as one note, since she's only appearaed once, but I'll give it time, I'ms ure Ringer will ruin her eventually.

    I think if you stop expecting quality from this you'll enjoy it for what it is; trashy fun.

  2. I stopped expecting quality a long time ago Panda but the stupidity is just so hard to swallow! The passwords, the phones, the random occurrences etc… It's all so abysmal yet I can't look away! Haha I'm glad they're entertaining you on the other hand 🙂

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