Revenge 1×14 – Perception


I’ve come to expect a certain level of greatness from Revenge. They just set such a high standard this season that almost every episode has been a knockout. Unfortunately this wasn’t one of them. Of course, that doesn’t mean it was bad, on the contrary it was actually a pretty good transitional episode. The chess pieces are all in a place for the epic engagement party event that we’ve been waiting for since the pilot and I for one can not wait. As for this hour, the moments that must stuck with me most were Jack’s verbal assault on Victoria Grayson (this might be the first episode I ever liked Jack as a character and didn’t find him totally boring) and Emily’s conscience as she tried to prevent the Charlotte reveal to no avail. I’m not sure how I feel about Conrad’s dad now in the picture but I’m sure he’s going to be causing just the right amount of havoc that we need for the rest of the season. Here’s hoping for a mind-blowing mid-season climax next week.

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