One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill 9×05 – The Killing Moo


Will you look at that! For the first time this season, One Tree Hill shows us that it DOES still have the potential to throw us a curve ball or two and produce an exciting hour of television. Or maybe it’s just that the episodes that came before it were simply too uneventful that this seemed almost finale-like but I really enjoyed this one. Not only did I love little moments like Brooke’s hilarious antics at trying to run the cafe and Clay bonding with the kid in rehab, but I loved the final ten minutes in which so several thrilling events came to a collide.

First, the juxtaposition of Julian getting the shit beat out of him (on purpose as a form of self-punishment) meshed together with Brooke’s epic destruction of the rival cafe (from the flashforward as well) was simply excellent. And then, the cherry on top was Haley’s intriguing storyline with Nathan’s disappearance that was appropriately emotional culminating in her showdown with Dan and that menacing 911 call as he stood outside her door.

Just when I thought One Tree Hill was dead in the water, they injected just the right amount of adrenaline that this final season needed. Looks like they could end up going out with a bang after all.

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