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Desperate Housewives 8×13 – Is This What You Call Love?


Throughout the first half of the hour, I found this episode very flawed and unbelievable. It just seemed too unrealistic that the girls would let what was happening to Bree continue. Also, there was just too much filler for a show in its final season. Really Juanita and her boy-toy? Yes Gabby had some good lines but it really wasn’t worth a storyline. As for Lynette and Frank, well I’m surprised how much I like him and how much I’m wondering if the writers might actually end the show with Lynette NOT reunited with Tom. Color me intrigued.

But, several scenes REALLY made this episode. The first was Julie totally berating her mother and how she raised her. I loved this for the simple fact that it was 8 seasons coming. All throughout the show’s first few seasons, we were supposed to accept the fact that Susan was an atrocious mother. Thankfully, the writers decided to deal with the ramifications and we got a a heartbreaking and touching speech that really elevated the relationship to a whole new level. Teri Hatcher was simply marvelous!

The second fantastic scene was the ladies confronting Bree. I LOVED that Bree made some excellent points and argued perfectly with each of the women’s attempts at an “intervention”. They really had treated her horribly and thrown her under the bus after the Alejandro debacle so it was fantastic to see her put them in their place (Marcia Cross was phenomenal playing it all totally wasted).

Finally, Orson’s return might have been the worst kept secret of all, but it was nonetheless surprisingly satisfying for a character who had become totally unlikeable in the end. I was actually relieved to see him save Bree from an almost rape and can’t wait to see where it all goes. If anyone can bring Bree back, I guess it really is him (although I would have liked it to be the girls). So all in all, this hour was saved, and actually transformed into a pretty good one. It seems the writers did think things through after all this year.

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