The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead 2×08 – Nebraska


Interesting. After the stunning midseason finale, it was expected that the show would cool off a bit and take their time with the ramifications of the finale’s insane final few minutes. Nevertheless, I’m pleased to say that although the episode moved slowly, the final ten minutes were positively brilliant. The scene I’m referring is Rick and company’s encounter with two new survivors who were obviously up to no good. The scene was excellent written, and featured some fantastic acting from the main guest star. All throughout, I kept hoping Rick would embrace his newly discovered inner-badass and just shoot both idiots in the face. After all, the world’s crumbling and it’s not like he’d be held accountable. I’m happy to say that’s exactly what he did! For the second bravest twist in a row (after killing Sophie), I have to commend the writers as they really go where other shows wouldn’t share. Here’s hoping the back half of this season is epic. Oh, but I do have to deduct points for Lori driving off and getting herself into the most unbelievable accident. It was eye-rollingly bad and I literally cringed.

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