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Cougar Town 3×01 – Ain’t Love Strange


I think Cougar Town (maybe even more than Modern Family) is my favorite comedy on air. I wish people would give it a chance and look past its horrendous title because at its heart, it’s a wonderful ensemble comedy with characters that grow, and emotional moments that stunningly resonate (such as Grayson’s touching proposal at the end of the hour). The gang is simply perfectly cast and so vividly drawn. I really pray that the show goes on for many years to come (perhaps with the rumored name change) because they’ve tapped into a niche that no other show rivals.

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  1. I see we still have some different views on Ringer! I'm still enjoying it, but it just doesn't seem to be getting any better.

    I LOVE New Girl. It's basically just an outlet for Zooey to act like a weirdo, but it's always ridiculously funny, I can't get enough of it. If its any help, it does improve as it goes along.

  2. Interesting Panda. Will try my best to catch up with New Girl if I find time. Zooey is phenomenal in it! Never have I seen a show so reliant and focused on one actresses' stunning talent (undoubtedly a strength and a weakness)

  3. Cougar Town needs to survive this season. It's the single most consistenly funny show ever. Season 2 was flawless. I actually played penny can last week. I didn't enforce the mustache law though.

    Ringer is an epic disaster. I can't believe the CW/WB cancelled shows like Everwood, Veronica Mars and Privileged to produce shows like H8R and Ringer. And i really don't like SMG. Buffy was good IN SPITE of SMG's antics and snobby attitude, not because of it.

    New Girl is funny, but nowhere near as funny as community, happy endings, modern family or 30 rock. Probably because of what Nadim said, mainly it relying on Zoe to bring the funny…

  4. I so agree on Cougar Town. It is so consistently funny and amazing. I'm glad I know someone now who loves it as much as I do! I don't understand why the ratings are so horrible this year! It is truly brilliant!

    Ringer is so atrocious and horrible. I don't know why I'm still watching. It's embarrassing really. I don't even like SMG anymore because of it.

    I stopped New Girl after 3 episodes. I think I'll continue at some point but nothing about it is pushing me to rush back to it!

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