One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill 9×06 – Catastrophe & The Cure


Further proving that it has some life in it yet, I really enjoyed this episode of One Tree Hill. I can’t really explain it, but they’ve really turned the season around and restored my faith in a show that I had written off seasons ago as long gone. Can Dan be any cooler than in this episode as he single-handedly tries to search for Nathan while helping Julian back up on to his feet and telling Mouth to “go easy on the carbs”. Even Clay and the little kid in rehab are amusing and touching to watch. Of course the thugs who kidnapped Nathan can not be bigger stereotypes and walking cliches but at least there is a sense of intrigue to the proceedings. Brooke is also phenomenal as always as I love the ways in which she put one over on Tara who has to be quite the annoying villainess. All in all, a fun hour and a positive sign for the last few remaining episodes of this once iconic show.

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