Revenge 1×15 – Chaos


Wow. As we finally found ourselves back to square one with the pilot’s flashforward, I was praying that this week’s Revenge would not disappoint. After all, we had been building up to this episode for quite a while and although the show has been spectacular so far, part of me feared they would mess it all up with this hour. I’m ecstatically pleased to say this episode was far from disappointing. In fact, it was an excellent climax and managed to twist our perceptions quite a bit. I am so pleased to see Daniele still alive, Tyler dead, and of course, the weirdest twist of all time which I’m sure will be a fantastic storyline, Emily’s sensei not being as good as we once thought. On top of all that, having Emily being totally overwhelmed for once and at a loss on how to handle practically everything, and we got ourselves one superb little eppy. I for one can’t wait to see where the rest of the season takes us!

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