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Touch 1×01 – Pilot


I’ve been wanting to watch this pilot for a while now. Ever since the project was announced, I found the premise intriguing (call me a sucker for “everybody’s connected” productions) and of course the return of the fantastic Keifer Sutherland who has been sorely missed since the end of 24.

After watching this pilot, I have to say that while I definitely didn’t love it, I’m nonetheless intrigued enough to stick around for another episode or two. The biggest doubts I have about the show stem from the fact that the creator is Tim Kring, a man who began Heroes with such potential, and then slowly turned it into an unwatchable mess and one of the few shows that I never even cared about finishing. That’s a pretty big misstep so here’s hoping he’s learned from his mistakes.

As for the pilot itself, a lot of it was very sloppy; the oven crap mixed with Arab terrorists (aren’t we over those by now?), and a lot of cliche exposition (by the awesome Danny Glover no less). Nevertheless, I found myself hooked by the show’s emotional center about a simple father wanting to connect with his son. I was hoping the connections at the end would be stronger and the pilot’s cliffhanger would be more daring and unexpected, but the show’s has surprisingly earned enough good faith for at least another episode. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up.

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