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The Vampire Diaries 3×15 – All My Children


Mmmm. I didn’t really love this one. While it wasn’t bad by any means, I just expected more. TVD raises the bar with every episode so uneventful ones like last night’s episode really pop out as anticlimactic. It’s sad because they actually move so fast which is the show’s biggest strength. I loved the fact that we immediately jumped into Esther’s plan to wipe out her kids (other shows would have waited till the season finale for such an epic moment) but I felt a bit cheated that no one really died (and I REALLY wanted at least Klaus dead for the millionth time).

Still, I enjoyed Rebekkah toying with Elena and Elijah’s “noble” tricks. However, I could care less about Bonnie’s mom being turned into a vampire as the writers put zero effort into developing her as a character and making her sympathetic. Similarly, Meredith shooting Alaric at the end would have been an awesome cliffhanger had we been more invested in her as a character and had we actually feared for Alaric’s life (whom I would love the writers to kill off). Let’s hope the next episode is back to the show’s usual gold standard.

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  1. Everyone is ragging on this episode, but I actually liked it.

    I do agree about it being a bit of an anti climax though. I know moving at a break neck pace is in the show's nature, but somethings need time to develop.

    I'm curious about the cliffhanger. I have a theory that she's possessed or something, and its not really her doing all this. Especially since Torrey is sticking around for a while (and deservedly so). Great review, sucks that its on hiatus for a whole month, I honestly thought there was one more episode until the break!

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