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Awake 1×01 – Pilot


I’ve been waiting for this pilot for a long time. I was hoping it would blow my mind, and while it didn’t do exactly that, it was a nonetheless very strong offering from an intriguing new show that I hope succeeds (and accordingly raises NBC from the depths of hell).

First off, I seriously love the premise of a man coping with a tragic car accident by creating two worlds in his mind and different loved ones who survived in each. It’s fresh, innovative, and lays the groundwork for a potentially groundbreaking show that could truly thrill on every level.

Moreover, the inclusion of two fascinating therapists (could I love Cherry Jones more?) only adds to the layered awesomeness and fascinating developments. I have absolutely no idea how they’re going to drag the show out for the rest of the season (or any more to come) but I’m definitely in for the ride or at least a few episodes.

Special mention has to be made for Jason Issaacs who was a phenomenal lead. The entire pilot pretty much rested on his shoulders and although I found the hour quite confusing, I thought he grounded it exceptionally well.

All in all, definitely impressive. Here’s hoping brilliance follows.

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