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Desperate Housewives 8×14 – Get Out Of My Life


I really enjoyed this one, especially the fact that the writers are exploring storylines they never really got to do throughout the show’s run. I’m really going to miss DH when it ends this May because as much as people hate on it, I always found it to be a consistently entertaining show that shaped a hilariously vibrant world unlike any other.

First off, I quite enjoyed the reveal of Porter being the father of Julie’s baby. It was a genuinely unexpected development that I never would have guessed so I commend the writers for that one. Moreover, the way that intertwined with Susan’s desire to keep the baby (contrary to her daughter’s wishes) as well as Lynette’s involvement just elevated things to a wonderfully amusing level. I’m definitely intrigued to see where this storyline goes.

Second, while Gabby’s storyline started out as a filler (although Gabby filler is almost always certifiably hilarious), I loved the Roy-McKlusky twist culminating with the latter’s heartbreaking discovery of her cancer’s resurgence. This storyline is surely going to tug at our heartstrings until the very end.

Finally, Bree & Orson has progressed quite interestingly. I think the reveal that Orson is the one blackmailing Bree was revealed a bit too soon so I PRAY the writers still have secrets to reveal before the show ends because it would be quite the disappointment for the season to fizzle out so soon when the season had so much potential. I won’t judge until we see more but I’m also not sure how I feel about Orson being evil again. I thought the evil kind of ruined his character throughout the last few seasons and I really wanted him to be the one Bree ended up with. Moreover, I truly hope the true villain of the season has yet to be revealed. The thugs who harassed Ben (and probably Renee next) are simply not good enough. Speaking of Renee, that was quite the stupid development to have her pay them at HER HOUSE! It required a bit too much suspension of disbelief especially when we’re talking about a character who’s constantly proved herself to be street-smart and far from an idiot.

Nevertheless, regardless of these minor flaws I thought this was a very strong offering from DH. I’m praying they keep it up until the sure-to-be series finale. 

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