Ringer 1×14 – Whores Don’t Make That Much


Finally! After half a season of utterly horrendous episodes, Ringer finally produces an episode that’s watchable and intriguing. The writers finally realized it would be a good a idea to give Sarah some actual MATERIAL to work with and she consequently managed to infuse both Siohban and Bridget with a surprising amount of depth and drive. It’s reassuring to finally discover all the details regarding the traumatic event that set off the series as it gives both characters a clearly defined purpose as well as providing the audience with an emotional core to invest in. Of course the crappy stuff is still prevalent (REALLY the GPS app? Has an app ever been given this much dialogue on a show before?) and the rape stuff is still blindingly bad (although I did enjoy the Catherine twist although Siohabn orchestrating it would have been more daring).

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this episode unlike the episodes that came before it and am suddenly confident that the show could possibly have a fun run for its remaining episodes. And dare I say it, a fitting finale that might make us actually MISS this show? Dear Lord. I can’t believe that’s actually a possibility now. And such my good people, is the miracle of television.

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