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Grey’s Anatomy 8×16 – If Only You Were Lonely


Greys was on an epic roll this season but this is the second disappointing episode in a row. I don’t know why but it just didn’t really click with me.

First off, everything in pediatrics was unexciting and populated by unlikeable guest-stars. Second, Adele’s Alzheimer’s storyline is not as strong as it could be. Individual scenes from the arc are brilliant such as Richard breaking down (utterly heartbreaking) but as a cohesive whole, something is missing that I can’t really put my finger on. And really Zola’s hair now constitutes as a storyline? The less said about that the better.

And finally, while I loved saying Summer Glau on my TV again, she didn’t really have anything to do (yet), and I’m not sure how I feel about Owen potentially cheating about Christina and her turning into a paranoid housewife. We’ll just have to see where this goes.

In the end, this episode was a passable diversion but nothing more. I expect a MUCH higher standard from one of television’s top shows.

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