The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead 2×09 – Triggerfinger


Shocking, nerve-wracking, and superbly tense all throughout, this was a brilliant hour and the kind of episode the show hasn’t done in a long time. The farm crap simply moved way too slowly this season so I really appreciated this episode’s brand of thrills.

The bar shootout aftermath was particularly excellent as Rick tried to lead Glenn & Hershel to safety as a new brand of survivors made their shadowy appearance. This storyline is bound to be exciting (as humans are inherently scarier than zombies) and I truly loved the entire sequence and the dynamic the new characters thrust onto the show.

Moreover, I even loved Lauri’s accident. While the events leading up to it last episode were undoubtedly ridiculous, the way in which she survived and managed to kill two walkers was surprisingly amazing.

Finally, Shane is continuing his evolution into full on psychopath and villain of the piece, and I was quite intrigued by the fascinating ending in which Laurie whispered into Rick’s ear about how dangerous Shane is becoming. She actually came off as very sinister and I loved every part of it.

All in all, this was a brilliant hour and the exact kind of episodes The Walking Dead should be producing. Here’s hoping for many, many more to come.

Nad Rating

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