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The Walking Dead 2×10 – 18 Miles Out


Stunning. The Walking Dead has really been on a roll the past few episodes. It really feels like the writers learned their lesson about just how slow-moving the first half of the season was and are responding with an excellently fast-paced second half that’s thrilling and engrossing on every level.

First off, I absolutely loved Rick confronting Shane about everything that’s happened on the show so far culminating in their fantastic battle.  The subsequent Walker attack was outstanding and I loved Rick’s various predicaments (notably shooting his way out of a pile of Walkers) and Shane being trapped inside the bus. Furthermore, I found myself captivated by that recurring shot of Shane mesmerized by the lone Walker out in the field. The mind boggles at just what exactly that visual represents (my money is on the notion that Shane felt he could relate).

Even the stuff at the farm was surprisingly intriguing as we focused on a select few characters which did wonders for the show. I really enjoyed Andrea & Lori’s argument which realistically touched on a number of points that had been simmering for quite a while.

Moreover, the hour painted The Walking Dead’s post-apocalyptic world in such a vivid fashion (more-so than any episode in a long while) especially what it means to feel so miserable and hopeless. Although we don’t really know Beth, her plight was understandable and powerful.

If I had any complaints, it would be the utterly useless opening that spoiled the epic moment in which we saw that single Walker hand rise out of the shattered glass. The reveal of the hoard of Walkers would have been SO much more effective if the episode’s opening hadn’t made us anticipate the spine-tingling moment.

Nevertheless, this episode was just too damn good as I’m truly pleased at the way this season has progressed. Utterly brilliant.

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