One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill 9×08 – A Rush Of Blood To The Head


What an uneven final season. Some episodes this year have been absolutely atrocious, while others such as this have been quite strong and have done a great job of restoring my faith in the show. What I especially liked about this hour is that something actually HAPPENED and we got some juicy developments for the show’s final hours.

I can’t believe I’m going to praise a Clay storyline but I was pretty surprised by the reveal that he has a son and even more shocked that Logan is that kid. Their chemistry is wonderful and it should add an interesting dynamic to his relationship with Quinn.

Moving on the serious stuff, Xavier’s stalking of Brooke is sufficiently creepy as I’m actually scared for her (which is rare in this show as tension usually fizzles out within 3 seconds). This could also culminate very intensely.

And while the search for the Nathan didn’t really yield much results, I enjoyed Dan, Debbie (a welcome return), and Haley finally on the same side. Here’s hoping the writers manage to surprise us with this storyline as well.

Finally, I must mention Chase who also got something intense for once. I absolutely loved his saving Chuck and potentially killing his abusive father. That final shot of a bloodied Chuck staring out of the police car was a stunning visual that restored my faith in him as a character.

All in all, a very good episode. But please please please One Tree Hill, try to keep this up for the final few.

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