Revenge 1×16 – Scandal

"When you stare ahead and darkness is all you see, only reason and determination can pull you back from the abyss."


Quite the effective hour. It’s funny but it truly feels like I’ve been watching Revenge for years (and I sure hope it goes on for a while) because the writers have crafted a fascinating web of deceit and intrigue. While this episode wasn’t exactly mind-blowing, it was another strong offering from a show that’s been quite impressive all season long.

Daniel’s trial sure looks like it’s going to be the centerpiece of the rest of the season, huh? Well I for one can not wait to see our eclectic characters collide inside a court of law. Seriously, can you imagine the possibilities? The writers have given our cast such a vivid mix of dimensions that just putting them in such a tension-drenched environment is bound to create some delicious fireworks. I’m absolutely loving Emily’s inner battle as the consequences of her plans begin to decimate practically everyone in sight. That’s why she’s such a delightful lead character. Yes, she does some pretty wicked things, but she’s starting to feel bad about her devious plots, which just makes you root for her even more. There really isn’t a single protagonist quite like her on television.

Takeda sure is an enigma, isn’t he? His involvement at the end was particularly intriguing(and I love that the murder reveal was not dragged out until the end of the season.) His brutal little altercation with Emily followed by his proclamation that she can’t “save them both” set a wonderful quota for the rest of the season. Moreover, Victoria was her usual duplicitous yet lovable self and I just adored everything about her in this episode (as always). Madeleine Stowe is simply sublime on every level. She captures equal parts menace and vulnerability in a role that could have easily been one-note and tedious.

And finally, who saw Ashley being the one who leaked the photos coming? It was actually a genius move on the writers’ part as that character can FINALLY be given something to do that’s intricately linked to the rest of the cast.

Vengeful Bits

– For once, Emily’s voiceovers didn’t grate on me. Usually they’re the weak link.

– Why does Madeleine Stowe always look so stunning?

– I find it hard to care about Charlotte sometimes. The writers must rectify this.

– I got goosebumps as Daniel was being taken into custody and Victoria screamed for his release.

– Victoria & Emily’s scenes are always so emotionally charged and layered. Truly my favorite moments in every episode.

– Nolan has definitely grown on me over the season. Especially his strangely fascinating relationship with Emily.

– Was that a spark rekindled I saw between Conrad and Victoria over scotch?

– Loved loved LOVED the final flashback with Emily & Takeda’s face-off.

Devious Delights

Victoria: (To Conrad) Mr. Brooks was kind enough not to question your absence but I am not feeling so indulgent.

Victoria: (To Emily) Well that was some quick thinking. Maybe your time in a juvenile detention center will be an asset in Daniel’s court-case.

Victoria: NO ONE loves my son more than I do!

Emily: (To Nolan) Do I really need to kick your ass again?

Takeda: (To Emily) You can’t save them both!

All in all, an intriguing episode and I’m seriously wondering how the hell I’m going to last a month without an episode of this thrilling little show.

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