Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time 1×13 – What Happened To Frederick?


Not bad. I’m still not really loving the show because a lot of it is still too predictable for my liking. It would do the writers good to really throw in a bunch of twists and turns because the characters are pretty well defined by now. And can Regina please stop twirling her mustache every week as she hatches another lame plot (ooooh she burned a letter in this one). The last few episodes at least gave her some interesting material but now it looks like we’re back to the one-dimensional crap she was stuck with during the beginning of the year.

As for Mary Margret and Prince Charming, they bore me to tears. Totally lacking charisma, they’re horrible as the show’s main couple.

Moreover, Emma’s new stranger in town is supposed to be intriguing, but he’s also being played by a lifeless robot (I can’t be bothered to remember his name) and it’s just sucking any potential mystery out of this show.

All in all, this was an average episode and Once Upon A Time really needs to step things up a notch and turn into the thrilling and vibrant show it so has the potential to be.

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