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Desperate Housewives 8×15 – She Needs Me


Fantastic. I am just SO happy that Desperate Housewives is going out on top this year. This season has just been sublime on almost every level. Once I got past my peeve with the ladies feeling so guilty of a murder that was undoubtedly deserved, the ride has been classic DH excitement and hilarity.

This episode was no exception as it perfectly balanced the show’s signature comedy and drama.

First off, I absolutely loved just how quickly Bree discovered the truth about Orson. I’m actually ecstatic that the writers didn’t drag out the reveal until the last few episodes (which would have been the predictable route). Bree snapping at Orson followed by the epic ending of his desperate mailing of the murder evidence was simply brilliant. I can’t wait to see Bree reunite with the ladies as they face off what’s about to come. I truly still can’t predict how they’re going to get out of this one.

Moving on, Susan & Lynette had a perfectly amusing storyline with regards to raising baby Lynette (or is it Sophie). It was a highly entertaining and charming subplot that capable balanced out Bree and Gaby’s intense drama.

Speaking of Gabby, I loved her smack dab in the middle of Karen & Roy’s heartbreaking dilemma. All of the trio’s speeches were especially moving and suitably touching. I can’t bare to face the fact that we’re probably going to lose Mrs. McKlusky as she’s been such a permanent figure on Wisteria Lane.

Finally, Renee’s storyline continued to heat up as the mob boss’ threats finally escalated with Mike confronting him as he tried to ransack her home. While this cliche criminal wouldn’t be my first choice for this season’s big bad (hopefully someone more sinister will come along), I’m undoubtedly intrigued to see how our characters are going to handle this one as things are undeniably going to get worse.

All in all, this was a classic, strong offering of Desperate Housewives; one that continue to cement just how strong this veteran series’ final season has been. Well done indeed.

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