Ringer 1×15 – P.S. You’re An Idiot


Not as horrible as the usual episodes but far from last week’s hour which was the show’s strongest offering yet. I do appreciate the fact that the writers are trying to get things moving but it’s too little too late. Stuff still happens just for the sake of shock value and nothing feels earned or realistic (within this world at least).

I like the fact that we can at least label Catherine as a full on psycho villain and she’s now responsible for a lot of the things that happened over the last few episodes so that ties stuff together. Juliet however has to be the dumbest character to ever walk this earth and the less said about Siohban the better (she’s really a non-character).

I was quite surprised by the ending with Andrew supposedly masterminding the Ponzi scheme although I doubt this development will cause much excitement. It’s just really hard to get excited about this show after 15 episodes of uselessness. Although I know it’s doubtful, I do hope Ringer can end this season for good with at least some sort of consistency and intelligence.

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