The Good Wife

The Good Wife 3×16 – After The Fall


While this wasn’t a particularly thrilling hour of The Good Wife, it managed to keep me engaged with a handful of interesting subplots throughout.

First off, I quite enjoyed Alicia utilizing Caitlin in court. The latter turned out to be quite the formidable force and it was an interesting development to see Alicia feeling so threatened by the perky young blonde’s rising status. Caitlin’s skills in the courtroom were perfectly matched up with the return of Nancy Crozier. I didn’t really enjoy Crozier as much as I usually do however as I think that joke has run its course.

In other news, it was fun to see Will at home and the introduction of his two overbearing sisters. Their suspicions concerning Kalinda were definitely amusing. Will’s time away from the Lockhart Gardener also yielded interesting results as our 3 favorite vultures swept in and vied for his position. Things are undoubtedly going to get messy which should provide for some interesting fireworks in the future.

Finally, Peter’s keynote arc should also prove intriguing as he stated that he would be working things out with Alicia. That definitely can’t be good!

Ultimately, this was a routinely well done episode of The Good Wife, but here’s hoping for something more enthralling next week.

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