Ringer 1×16 – You’re Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail


I don’t think I’ve ever consistently watched a show as bad as Ringer. Sure there’s been worse shows throughout history but I’ve never stuck with them past an episode or two. With Ringer on the other hand, I’m shockingly up to date in all 16 episodes of the production’s first (and most assuredly only) season. As I’ve discussed before, that’s probably due to the fact that as a major Buffy fan, I find myself ingrained with a peculiarly intense loyalty towards Sarah Michelle Gellar; an actress who deserves so much more than what she’s getting with Ringer.

However, I honestly don’t believe anymore that it’s just Gellar’s presence that has me so transfixed on such an atrocious horror of a show. Deep down, Ringer is strangely addictive. I find that it transports me into a very bizarre world that I somehow can’t get enough of; a world populated by lifeless vacuums (which the writing staff insists on calling characters) and plot developments that make absolutely no sense while simultaneously carrying zero tension whatsoever. It all sounds so harsh but yet, I’m still watching. And that definitely means Ringer has accomplished something worth discussing.

On to the show’s 16th episode (yes I can’t believe it actually reached such a number with the quality on display), I have to say the show has shown marginal signs of improvement. It’s still not thrilling, engrossing, or especially entertaining, but the writers seem to be taking the show at least a smidgen more seriously. This was especially evidenced by Agent Machado’s storyline who was finally given something to do besides “investigating” the show’s pathetically frustrating mysteries. I actually found myself feeling sorry for him as we discovered that he does in fact have a personal connection to the Bodaway case as his love is the infamous murdered (and surprisingly pregnant) stripper who set the show’s premise in motion. This was actually the writers’ first attempt at giving Machado a semblance of a decent storyline so props for that.

On the other hand, everyone else in this episode from our favorite twins to Andrew, Olivia, and Henry, seemed to go around in circles plotting and deceiving, while carrying out their routinely nefarious phone-calls (a signature of this show). What should have been an exciting web of duplicity surrounding Andrew’s Ponzi-scheming ways was unfortunately rendered tedious and boring. Speaking of Andrew, the less said about the writers’ attempts to suddenly add shades villainy to his persona the better. It’s utterly laughable when potential arcs such as these surface without any prior hints or thought. (And a special note to the director of this episode; framing Andrew in a dark hallway does not automatically make him a bad guy).

Ultimately, while I appreciated the writers’ endeavors to try and take the show more seriously, it’s sadly too little too late. Nevertheless, I’m going to try and enjoy Ringer’s remaining episodes because as I’ve been saying since the pilot: the potential has always been there, they just need to tap into it.

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  1. Great review Nadim!

    I loved what you said about how you've been sucked in by it. I think that's a lot of the appeal for me; pure escapism. Its so friggin' nuts that I can't help but love it.

    You pretty much summed up my thoughts on this one. Can't wait to read your review next week!

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