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Desperate Housewives 8×16 – You Take For Granted

"No I can't kill you today, I have Pilates."


Mike? Really? After 8 seasons, that was one hell of a shocker. That final scene was utterly magnificent on every level and one of the strongest sequences I’ve ever witnessed on television. Just watching that painfully beautiful montage of Mike & Susan’s journey together broke my heart and touched me more than anything I’d seen in a long while.

The montage itself deserves heaps of praise for constructing a perfect tribute to a couple that had cemented themselves as the true heart of Desperate Housewives. I’d actually forgotten recently just how important Mike & Susan were to the show’s DNA and I am utterly shocked that Marc Cherry decided to go there and kill him off. It’s an undoubtedly brave decision, yet a mind-boggling one at that. Can we really handle a SAD Susan for the show’s remaining episodes? Does Marc really not want to end things on a positive note for her? Ordinarily I would find that hard to believe but it really looks like it’s going to be a pretty dark ending for our ladies.

While that final sequence was epic, the rest of the episode was not up to par and thus denies this episode the chance to have been a truly perfect hour (it’ll just have to settle for an A). While I always enjoy Gabby’s one-liners, Carlos was a tad irritating in this one as it’s a bit late in the season to spend so much time on his crisis of conscience. Nevertheless I do wonder if they’re setting the ladies up to be completely alone when the series ends because it seems like they’ve all lost the possibility of a happy ending with a significant other. It’s a particularly grim and gloomy thought but nonetheless intriguing.

Further evidence of this theory is the fact that Lynette and Tom really don’t look like they’re ever getting back together. When the season began, I thought for sure the writers just wanted to try out the storyline possibilities of a single Lynette and Tom. Now however, I’m starting to think it’s a pretty permanent decision. As for Bree dealing with Karen’s death-wish, well that was suitably amusing but undeniably overlooked as this episode will obviously be remembered for one thing and one thing only in the future.

Ultimately, as frustrated (and heartbroken) as I am of the decision to kill off Mike, I really have to commend Marc Cherry for going through with it as it really elevated the show to a whole other level on the dramatic scale. This season really does have potential to be the most glorious final year ever. I really hope they don’t screw up the ending because if one show deserves to go out on top, it’s this one. Marvelous.

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  1. I never cared for Mike, but I completely echo your feelings both about the episode and the fact that it seems almost gratuitously awful for Susan. They were such an 'endgame' couple that it really surprised me that the show would go to such a dark place so close to the end. Makes me wonder if they'll pull a Seinfeld and have the ladies wind up in prison in the end, especially if Susan feels she has nothing to lose anymore.

  2. Max I'm so glad you watched the episode and are all caught up like I hoping you would!! I too never cared for Mike but my GOD what an brilliant scene. I've rewatched it a few times and it stays impactful EVERY single time especially with that heartbreaking montage! By the way if you check out Deadline Hollywood, apparently Nicolette Sheridan's lawyer mentioned in his closing statement at the trial that Mike's “sudden” death was a ploy by Cherry to prove regulars are indeed killed off regularly!! That's a pretty creepy notion isn't it? I have a feeling it might be true since they're SUCH an “Endgame” couple and it REALLY came out of nowhere! What do you think about that theory?

    By the way, I too was wondering if the show might end like Seinfeld with the ladies in jail. It's really weird I never thought the show would end on a sour note but it looks like all 4 ladies are going to be single by the time the series finale comes around! Crazy! Can't decide what kind of ending would be the most satisfying but I truly hope we won't be let down!

  3. I finally saw this one, and even though I saw it coming the second Mike started in on his life story, it's definitely commendable that they're going through with something so dark and courageous.

    Mike himself was pretty one dimensional, but he's the right character to kill off in that he's touched every character's life in some way or another. I'm just left wondering how Susan will find her happy ending now…

  4. Finally. You know what Panda looking back now it was a good decision as I'm enjoying Susan more since the death. Nevertheless, I wonder how the series finale will treat her without her endgame love.

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