One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill 9×09 – Every Breath Is A Bomb


I swear this show is going to be the end of me. It truly fascinates me how One Tree Hill manages to be so horrible yet so strangely addictive all at the same time. Undoubtedly its charm comes from the fact that the show did have some excellent seasons in its premier years and the remaining original cast are still as great as ever. However, some of the plots this season are utterly absurd; I seriously don’t know even how to comment on the Russian Mafia gang who couldn’t be more cartoonish.

However, I did enjoy Haley’s proactive attempts at finding Nathan. Her whole hooker spiel was undoubtedly amusing and she definitely makes a good team with Dan.

Clay’s new-found fatherhood has shockingly proven to be much more captivating than I ever would have imagined. It’s actually given the lifeless void of a character a purpose to root for. I think the little kid who plays Logan simply makes the storyline as he’s truly a phenomenal little talent with a lot of heart and inherent likeability.

As for Brooke and Xavier, well he’s suitably creepy but I really doubt the show has the guts to do anything insane with this storyline. Moreover, I’m really not sure what to do with the final scene of Xavier holding one of Brooke’s babies. Wouldn’t it be more unsettling to have him attack Brooke or Julian? Because OTH is definitely not the kind of show that would go along with any baby harm.

All in all, an average episode but the show should step up their game again if they intend to give us a memorable finish.

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