GCB 1×02 – Hell Hath No Fury


Not bad at all. Although I enjoyed the pilot of GCB quite a bit, I had my doubts on whether the show would keep me intrigued and amused. I’m pleased to say that I very much enjoyed the show’s second outing and it looks like I’ll be sticking around for at least a few more eppies.

I think the show’s biggest strength at this point is the fact that I like the entire cast. There really isn’t a single character that I find useless or irritating which is quite an accomplishment. Amanda’s daughter might be the only weak link so far but that’s only because she was straddled with a cliche storyline. In fact, aside from her lame subplot, the rest of the hour was particularly enjoyable and fun.

 GCB has really tapped into the whole Christian-humor element of the show and it’s surprisingly quite hilarious. The Bible-infused one-liners are witty, and the nutty characters very well-defined. Carlene in particular is a hoot; Kristen Chenoweth is just such a fantastic talent and she plays the role perfectly. Sharon, Cricket, and Heather (who’s slowly becoming Amanda’s friend now) are also uniformly entertaining and create a fun dynamic. I especially liked the twist with Cricket in fact knowing about her husband’s secret life. It added a wonderful dimension that I surprisingly didn’t see coming.

Finally, Gigi might just turn out to be my favorite; the scene in which we saw her assortment of weaponry as she clocked her shotgun was insanely awesome. I’m also enjoying watching her relationship with Amanda grow and evolve. Their interactions have been a highlight for sure.

All in all, GCB definitely surprised me with an episode as equally strong as its pilot. I’m also surprised that the show’s ratings didn’t dip which rarely happens these days after a high profile pilot. This could just turn out to be a worthwhile investment after all. Lots of potential indeed.

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