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The Walking Dead 2×12 – Better Angels


Wow. That was stunning season finale caliber material. I am speechless at just how brilliant The Walking Dead has become. Ever since Sofia’s murder, the show has pretty much been firing on all cylinders while tapping into the potential we all knew it had.

This episode was pretty damn stunning if you ask me. Killing off Shane? So soon? Along with Desperate Housewives, this feels like the week that television took big risks and killed off characters you never thought they would. I’m truly dumbfounded.

But let’s back up a bit. I must mention the utterly fantastic opening with the survivors projecting their grief after Dale’s death and totally annihilating a band of Walkers. It was especially excellent and I love seeing Andrea as a no-frills badass.

In other news, Lori finally stepped up and took responsibility for basically destroying Shane & Rick’s friendship. I thought her apology really humanized her (which was undeniably needed after she whispered death-wishes into Rick’s ear a few weeks ago) and loved that it was ironically the final straw that pushed Shane over the edge.

If I had any complaints about this hour that prevent it from being truly perfect, it’s the fact that as an audience, we’re not as affected as we should be by Dale’s death. It’s unfortunate really as the character was given a lot of screen-time and this detachment prevents us from really feeling with our merry band of survivors.

Ultimately, I am extremely impressed by the show’s brave decision to kill off Shane so soon. It was the perfect setup to next week’s finale and that end scene with Rick stabbing Shane followed by Carl’s gunshot was simply magnificent on every level. Could there be a more gorgeously intense shot than that horde of zombies making their way towards Hershel’s farm?

Here’s hoping for a marvelously satisfying finale that cements this show’s spot on my list as one of the most exciting shows on television.

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  1. Great review, but I'm I wouldn't say it was finale caliber, more a strong penultimate episode. I'm very excited for the finale, it should be amazing!

    I'm glad Shane is gone. His character was only headed one place, and it was all about getting Rick to cross that line.

    One small thing though, could you be careful with the spoilers? I'm watching Desperate Housewives as it airs over here, and we're a good few weeks behind, so I don't want to have it ruined. I just skipped that part of your review in case you mentioned who it was that was killed, but I'd rather have a character death be completely unexpected!

  2. Hey Panda! I'm so glad it hasn't been ruined yet for you as I got spoiled by mistake. PLEASE be careful everywhere you look online because it's practically everywhere and you will enjoy it SO much more if you remain unspoiled. I can't wait till you watch it so please comment on my review when you do.
    As for spoilers in general, I'll try my best to be careful but also please try to read my reviews after you watch because sometimes things might slip out that I REALLY need to discuss and I don't want to ruin it for you!

  3. I will comment as soon as I see it! I've been meaning to read your backlog of reviews as I watch it, I look forward to reading your thoughts on it.

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