The Good Wife

The Good Wife 3×17 – Long Way Home


A great episode. I quite liked Alicia misjudging Caitlin AND realizing it. It speaks wonders about women her age and the insecurities that come with finding yourself at work later on in life.

Moreover, Caitlin resigning was something I definitely did NOT see coming. She was a fun presence to have so I’m hoping we’ll meet up with her again eventually (especially if David Lee has something to do with it). Speaking of old friends, how freakin’ awesome was it to see Collin Sweeney again? He’s become such a marvelously integral part of the The Good Wife mythology as I so enjoy seeing him again on a regular basis. His sexual harassment case was particularly fun to watch and I loved the twist with him deciding to raise a family with his “victim” played by the awesome Monica Baccharin (the sole bright spot of last year’s cancelled V)

Furthermore, I’ve realized that I love the dynamic between Peter and Carey as the latter’s confession concerning his relationship with Dana Lodge came between them. Their relationship has also matured organically and rendered them both much more likeable than they used to be in the past.

Finally, Alicia had a superbly touching scene to end the episode as she made her way through her old house. Her final outburst as she remembered her old life was simply phenomenal and further cemented Marguiles’ status as one of the best actresses on television.

All in all, a wonderful hour.

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