The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries 3×16 – 1912


Disappointing to say the least. Maybe it’s the inhumanly long hiatus but I found myself detached from this episode which is not something I ever feel while watching TVD. Maybe it’s the fact that Alaric is a character that bores me to tears and I’m not a fan of subplots that focus on him. Moreover, Dr. Fell just seems like a useless character to me as she really adds nothing to the show.

I appreciated Damon’s attempts at helping out his brother but for once I even found the flashbacks tedious. Sage might have been an interesting addition but it still wasn’t enough to excite me. I really expect more from The Vampire Diaries. They just set such a high standard on a regular basis with their deliciously thrilling twists that I found this to be a below average hour of the show.

Oh well, they’re allowed one or two a season. Here’s hoping for an epic hour next week.

 Nad Rating

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