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Grey’s Anatomy 8×17 – One Step Too Far


Not bad. Although I was hoping for something stronger.

I’m not sure how I feel about Owen & Christina’s troubles. It’s not a particularly interesting storyline because they feel like such an “endgame” couple who will undoubtedly end the series together so their problems now feel a bit superfluous and forced.

Probably the episode’s strongest subplot was Lexie & Meredith’s choice to remove a tumor that causes the patient to lose her voice forever. It’s a strong storyline and gives Derek a fitting reason to snap for once. It’s also a very human mistake, one we never want to believe can happen in the operating room but which undoubtedly changes a patient’s life forever.

I also quite liked the Chief flirting with Avery’s mom. The latter is a wonderfully charming character so I was really happy to see her again. Moreover, their poignant moment at the end as Richard spoke about sticking with his wife was excellent.

On the other hand, the young Avery and his mom’s student were much less interesting for me. Same for Karev and his latest “relationship”.  Alex is a character I just never liked and really wouldn’t miss him if he left (much like Izzie).

I truly hope the show kicks into high gear again soon because they had some epic episodes in the middle of the season but nothing is particularly thrilling at the moment. It’s just all fine and nothing more.

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