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One Tree Hill 9×17 – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Wil


So much good and so much bad in one episode. Well what do you say, it’s another episode of One Tree Hill. Thank God this show is almost done for good so I can quit getting frustrated by this uneven excuse of a production.

One one hand, I loved Dan’s rescue mission of Nathan complete with his two lackeys in tow (Julian & Keller). It was an amusing enough storyline and it was quite satisfying to see Dan going all badass on the walking Russian Mafia cliches. Moreover, if Dan does die, it would be a satisfying arc for his character as he truly redeemed himself during this hour. I’ve never liked the character more and it was wonderful to see his son look at him with anything other than disgust for once. Julian’s involvement however is eye-rollingly bad and particularly hard to digest.

Now the Brooke situation needs to be discussed. Yes the attack was undoubtedly exciting just for the sheer awesomeness of Sophia Bush who’s a real badass. However, the circumstances that lead to it and this storyline in general I can not look past. An underground parking garage? Really? With everything that’s going on? There was just too many contrivances and the whole thing came off as majorly forced. Moreover, Xavier is another character that’s horribly written and I couldn’t stand his pathetic dialogue and the actor’s hilarious attempts at playing a psycho. Finally, while the chase was fun, I would have liked Brooke to have really cemented herself as a badass and saved HERSELF. Yes Tara saving her redeems the atrocious character but takes away a lot from what could have been a very heroic moment for Brooke after 9 years. Too bad. A missed opportunity.

Finally, I’m not even going to waste time on Quin and Clay who were so tediously boring I literally could not watch the screen when they were on. They practically sucked out any momentum the show mustered up during the episode’s surprisingly numerous action sequences.

All in all, while I enjoyed the episode, it could have been SO much better. Too many things detracted from my enjoyment. I pray the series finale will not suffer a similar fate.

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