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Desperate Housewives 8×17 – Women & Death

"It's like a royal wedding with a hint of slut."


A touching hour.

While DH has done the whole flashback-post-death episode thing before with Eddie and the plumber (whose name I can’t call) I did like the insights that this episode provided us with.

First off, I loved the opening with our ladies hearing the gunshot that killed Mike. It was a chilling moment to see them all rush to a fallen Susan, effectively setting a sombre tone for the proceedings.

As for the flashbacks, some were definitely more effective than others. If we were to take Gabby’s section, I did quite enjoy seeing Mama Solis again who is a wonderful character that gives the show’s final season a nice feeling of coming full circle. However, the flashbacks while amusing, didn’t really teach us anything we didn’t know. They only served as a convenient way to allow Gabby to give Carlos her permission to quit his ob. I would have liked more effort to have been put into her storyline.

Lynette was also the same story. The writers just needed an excuse to get her to fight for Tom again and I can’t say the flashbacks were entirely convincing in that matter. Their problems haven’t changed and there’s no reason why they won’t hate each other again eventually.

Bree’s flashbacks however, effectively utilized this device and taught us something new. Seeing Bree’s mother and the origin of “the mask”was absolutely brilliant and gave a whole new layer to the entire series as it’s a core trait of our beloved character. Sure it was fine to see Rex again (being an ass no less) but seeing Bree’s childhood and the manner in which she eventually perfected that iconic poker-face made the episode worth it. (Especially the interrogation scene where it felt like old-Bree again.)

Finally, we come to Susan. Her section was kind of disposable in terms of flashbacks, but in terms of overall character work I’m intrigued by a mourning Susan. When Mike was killed off last week, I wasn’t sure this was the right decision for the show. However today, I think it might be a good arc to have because honestly I was getting sick of klutzy stupid Susan so it’s good to see her being serious again for once. The scene with her and girls at the end was phenomenal as I just loving them sharing an emotional scene together.

Also, I’d like to mention that what I don’t like about Housewives and this flashback device is the fact that it automatically turns the deceased character into a saint. Judging from this episode, Mike single-handedly saved every relationship on the show so it was a bit too far-fetched to my liking. Moreover,

 I did like the fact that the writers touched on Renee feeling guilty after Mike’s death and that she was feeling responsible. Let’s hope this plot point carries on because it’s something I’d like to see.

As for the murder investigation, I’m glad we’re progressing further and it should be quite interesting to see how the girls will get out of it now that that police have evidence against Bree.

All in all, this was a touching followup to an explosive hour. I have so much faith in this show this year and I’m confident they won’t let us down come series finale time.

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