GCB 1×03 – Love Is Patient


 I don’t know how GCB lost steam so fast but this was the weakest episode of the show so far. While the pilot was amusing and the followup also enjoyable, this hour bored me as I found very little of it to be entertaining.

If anything stood out, it was probably Cricket and her husband. They’re really the only ones with a sort-of intriguing little arc going on with the whole pretend marriage thing. I did enjoy seeing how much they care for each other and how they always have each others best interests in heart. Moreover, it was quite amusing to see Cricket’s various sport sessions (particularly TaeKwanDo) which would explain just how she’s been blowing off steam all these years.

As for the rest of the episode, nothing really comes to mind. The whole church seminar thing was tired and boring, while even Carlene wasn’t even that funny for once. Has the whole Christian angle run it’s course so soon? Or were this episode’s writers to blame?

Let’s hope the show rebounds back next week because when I have this little to say so soon, it’s definitely not a promising sign.

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