GCB 1×04 – A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

"Only one man does magic and he's from Jerusalem not Hogwarts!"


Well well, talk about a comeback.

After a third episode that was pretty bland and lifeless, GCB comes roaring back with a hilarious and smart little hour that restored my faith (pardon the pun) in this show’s potential. This episode was immensely entertaining and very well paced.

First off, Amanda is definitely growing on me as a lead. Although she’s a bit too much of a good two shoes (a problem Smash is also having with its protagonist), I do nonetheless find myself rooting for her. Her growing relationship with Rick is also quite charming as he obviously trusts her with his secret. I liked her little subplot joining Cricket’s company and working with the couple and wish it would have lasted.  The twist with Cricket with Lordlover87 was also something I did not see coming!

 As for the rest of the characters, Sharon was also enjoyable as I’m liking her sparks with the Pasteur of all people, but it’s Carlene who is still the standout. Kristen was on point as always and she had quite a few moments the notable being the hysterical scene in which she finds her son masturbating to Amanda no less as the laptop drops from between her legs. I literally laughed out loud as it was definitely the show’s funniest moment so far. I also like that she’s not a complete villain as she returned the stolen laptop and had a nice heart to heart with Amanda.

Furthermore, Gigi is also growing to become one of my favorites. She’s a wonderfully layered character played by an excellent talent (whose name eludes me). Her rivalry with Bitsy was also enjoyable culminating with the latter’s sudden death in a scene that was EXTREMELY reminiscent of Desperate Housewives (which is a good thing in my book). The show could stand to borrow a few things from DH while retaining its signature brand of hilariously hypocritical Christian undertones (which continue to be quite strong and have surprisingly not overstayed their welcome YET).

All in all, GCB is capably reeling me in as an amusing diversion once a week. Not bad at all.

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