Awake 1×02 – The Little Guy

"You wanna shower with me? Save water?"


Well, well, well. This was always going to be a tough act to follow. After all, Awake’s pilot was a stunning and fascinating production that was quite different from anything I’d ever seen before. I’m glad to say that the show’s second outing was a strong offering that while not mindblowing, was especially intriguing.

On one hand, I’m not as enthralled with the police procedural element as much as the family stuff. I’ll take heartwarming moments like Michael discovering his son likes fabric softener than him figuring out a routine case. It’s just captivating in the way it handles death and I’m really enjoying that aspect. After all, could there have been a more beautiful scene than watching his wife Hannah at the end ride the motorcycle and come to terms with her son’s death? I could really watch an entire season of Michael just figuring out how to deal with his grief and improve his life & relationships with his wife and son.

Nevertheless, the show of course needs the police stuff to keep going and I do enjoy the cases bleeding into each other although his partners in both worlds have already started to irritate me. In addition, I adore both therapists and the subtle way they bring in exposition as well as some interesting tidbits for the audience to mull over.

However, the final scene in the episode must be discussed. I have no idea how I feel about his boss Harper being part of a conspiracy that dates back to the accident and the “little guy”. On one hand, mythology is always good in my opinion and really keeps you hooked. But on the other hand, I don’t think this show needs that element as it’s perfectly enthralling with its own little niche. So I’m torn, and I need to see more to decide.

Nevertheless, this was a very strong episode and I look forward to seeing where this captivating ride takes us.

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