One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill 9×12 – Danny Boy


Pretty good. A bit too sentimental for my liking but that’s expected from the show at this point. Dan Scott truly cemented himself in this hour as one of the most fascinating villains to ever grace television screens. He finally achieved redemption in this hour and it was especially touching and well made. I enjoyed the fact that the writers allowed him closure with practically every single character (including Keith of all people).

Dan’s scene on the River-court with Nathan was heartbreaking, beautiful, enlightening, and 9 years in the making. I think any fan of the show would really appreciate the connection these two finally made throughout this scene.

However, I don’t see the point of having Brooke suffer some more with her daddy issues but I guess the storyline was necessary to showcase the differences between the two dads. Along with Clay’s touching albeit kinda boring reunion with his son, and this episode was unfortunately brought down a bit. I think the focus should have been left squarely on Dan.

Nevertheless, this was an admirable episode and a great success in terms of Dan’s overall character arc. I pray the series finale will succeed with equal measure because after so many seasons, we deserve it as loyal fans (and it took A LOT of loyalty to stick with OTH since starting its descent in season 5).

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