Smash 1×07 – Workshop


Not bad but I expect better at this stage.

I think Smash is struggling a bit in its attempts at juggling the Marilyn crew’s personal lives with the actual workshop. Honestly, I would prefer more focus on the actual theater machinations and interactions because that’s really where all the sneakiness and entertainment lies.

Sure Julia’s affair was moderately entertaining for an episode or two but here it seemed like it was taking away from the actual workshop. This hour in particular would have benefited with a complete focus on the crew’s attempts to put on a good show. Moreover, please please PLEASE writers, give Karen some dimensions besides the naive small-town girl with the heart of gold. It’s gotten old really fast and if the show plans to go on for a while (it’s just been renewed for a season 2) it needs to evolve and grow further.

I know a lot of hoopala was made over Bernadette Peters’ appearance but I found her distracting and irritating. The actress just does nothing for me although Ivy as I said before is definitely growing on me more and more.

All in all, an acceptable and admittedly amusing episode but I’d really like the show to knock it out of the park because it definitely has the potential.

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