Awake 1×03 – Guilty



This was probably my favorite episode yet. It was just so layered, compelling, and beautiful to watch. I can’t stress enough how brilliant Jason Issacs is as a lead. He totally carries the show and it is SUCH a difficult role to pull off yet he does so masterfully and with a lot of class.

Moreover, the two worlds are so richly and vividly drawn that you can’t help but find yourself totally drawn and immersed into this fascinating web.

I just love how nuanced the little details bleeding between both worlds are. I’m constantly amazed by how Michael uses both realities to his advantage and this hour was no exception as I loved the whole Cooper saga (and Micheal’s ensuing guilt).

Furthermore, the relationship between Michael and Rex is superbly layered and rich. The final video Michael watches was exceptional and quite touching (a perfect ending to the episode).

All in all, I am really so pleased with the show and I truly hope it doesn’t get cancelled while shows of MUCH lesser quality and elegance find themselves on air. Here’s hoping.

Nad Rating


  1. Awake: Everything you said it would be. And then some. I usually hate procedurals, i blame them and reality tv for the state of the world ๐Ÿ˜›
    But i'm loving this one. It's has such high production values, nuanced acting, great chemistry within the cast, and i like how grief is not dealt with in one episode and then people move on. It's an ongoing process that's mostly about the little things… like having ur clothes smell differently coz noone knows how to do it right like your mother did…
    I watched the first 3 episodes in a row. It's a really good show. I do have my beef with it though:

    1- The therapists here are psychologists not psychiatrists. HUUUGE difference. And i hate how they're portrayed. They're straddling both sides of the spectrum: confrontational and supporting. A good psychologist knows how to balance things out, not be one or the other. But i guess the contrast is needed here. If you wanna watch a session done right, i suggest you check out In Treatment (or In session, depending on where you're watching it.)
    2- I am not crazy about Laura Allen… She's very limited in her emotional range… i would've liked a more capable actress in the role, especially when she's doing scenes with a juggernaut like Jason Isaacs. I haven't liked her since way back in her 4400 days. She was always the weak link there.

    Other than that, thanks nadim. I'm on board.

  2. – I'm really loving how the grief aspect is being handled. That little thing like the fabric softener was fantastic! Might be my favorite moment of the first 3 episodes!

    – Ah you bring out a good point with the therapists. But I guess they had to have them act like complete opposites just to deliver all that exposition and manipulate the audience into reacting to certain things that they point out. I've heard a lot of great things about In Treatment but never seen it!

    – Thank you for pointing out Laura Allen. I thought the EXACT same thing as I was watching yesterday. She's a really weak link in the cast! It just feels like a much more capable actress should be in her shoes handling this very intense arc. Hopefully she'll improve. I've never watched 4400 so this was my first experience with her.

    I'm really glad you enjoyed it ๐Ÿ™‚ Will watch and review the fourth episode today!

  3. One more thing: I know the kidnapping storyline in the 3rd episode served as a gateway to explore his relationship with his son… But usually when shows resort to family members/main cast member also being the case-of-the-week, it's either a season finale/premiere. The fact that they used it so early on worries me.. it feels a bit like jumping the shark or as if they're running out of stories. We'll have to wait and see i guess.

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