Missing 1×02 – The Hard Drive

"I'm gonna break into French Intelligence."


Will you look at that. After an engaging but ultimately disposable pilot, Missing adopts a serious tone that respects the material and delivers an episode that’s both intriguing and exciting.

Obviously there’s still a lot of work to be done. The characters just aren’t as interesting as they should (apart from Becca) and a lot of the dialogue needs to be improved, but there’s a definite sense of  focus that benefits the show greatly.

Right from the exciting teaser in which Becca turns herself in to French authorities, for the first time I found myself hooked by this one woman’s quest to save her son. I like that the show really will convey her going to the greatest lengths to find him. Where the pilot felt campy and contrived, this hour felt much more mature and driven.
Ashley Judd continues to cement herself as an excellent lead and she’s really making this show from every level. The episode’s final scene with Becca on the airfield screaming and running with all her might was thrilling and emotionally draining. I found it to be a truly sensational scene and the show’s first great “wow” moment. I look forward to similar scenes throughout the first season because Missing definitely has the potential.

Ultimately, this was a welcome improvement and the show can only go up from here.

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