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Desperate Housewives 8×18 – Any Moment

"Deal with other people's kids? I don't even like my own."


I really enjoyed this one.

The show needed something light after the dreariness of the last couple of weeks and this was a classic Housewives comedy episode infused with some excellent drama.

First off, this episode undoubtedly belonged to Eva Longoria. Has Gabrielle Solis ever been funnier than in this episode? The hilarious one-liners were just too numerous to count and Longoria knocked each of her scene out of the park like a pro. The scene in which Gabby displayed her shopping prowess was edited magnificently and played to perfection. Sure Gabby’s naivety concerning her skills at the employment agency kind of negated her growth over the last couple of years, but I was willing to overlook that since the comedy was spot-on. This personal shopper arc might just be the perfect storyline for Gabby to end the show (finding her “calling” and all).

Lynette for once was also quite entertaining. While I still would have liked Lynette to have moved on for good from Tom, I did enjoy her using Paige as their little scheme with the concert was enjoyable and unexpected. However, the dinner stuff with Tom was a tad tired and somehow I’m left feeling the show could possibly take a risk and not put them back together? Hmm….

Bree was utterly hilarious. Andrew’s return was fantastic as I didn’t realize how much I missed the character and how wonderful his dynamic with Bree has become. The two have really come so far since their animosity in season 1 and it’s a joy to watch. His fiance Mary Beth was quite the funny one so I really wish she stuck around (Bree was a bit unlikable in trying to break them up). However  I was glad things were resolved with Andrew and he’ll be sticking around. It’s awesome to see Julie & Andrew back on the lane with their mothers actually.

Which brings us to Susan’s excellent subplot. Dealing with death has actually made Susan much stronger as a character because we get more serious stuff as opposed to the usual klutzy antics. The MJ stuff was intense and I absolutely loved every scene from the showdown with the heartless teacher, to the jam-throwing scene which might be one of my most favorite scenes of the season. It was magnificently done and truly heartbreaking. Teri Hatcher was superb.

Finally, I’m enjoying the focus on Renee as they’re finally treating Vanessa Williams with the respect she deserves. She had an excellent teaser with the proposal and she’s always equipped with great dialogue. Moreover, the Ben & Bree phone call had an intriguing ending with the police finally on Bree’s trail. Things are about to get explosive and I for one can not wait.

All in all, witty and poignant, this episode was a definite success.

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  1. I have to disagree with Bree being unlikable by trying to break up Andrew with the girl he brought with him in this episode. In fact, I found that this adds even more to their admirable dynamic post having a rough relationship. Her persistence to break them up proves how well she knows her son and how far she has accepted him as he is, that she wanted to bring him back to the right path, his right path.

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