The Good Wife

The Good Wife 3×18 – Gloves Come Off

"It's easy being idealistic from the sidelines isn't it?"


Excellent eppy.

When The Good Wife is good, it’s REALLY good. This hour just fired on all cylinders and I enjoyed it immensely.

On one hand, we had a very intriguing case with Alicia & Co taking on “hockey” of all things, and on the other hand, we had a wonderful subplot with Alicia’s offer negotiations. The latter was undoubtedly the more amusing storyline as I really loved watching Alicia try to navigate her way to a higher salary and actually come off as the villain in both Diane and Canning’s eyes. The scene in which Alicia tells Diane about her offer is one of my most favorite scenes yet from the show’s run. We’ve rarely seen Diane on the defensive especially towards Alicia so it gave us a hint of an excellent little dynamic change between the two particularly the condescending manner in which Diane talks to her. The exchange was compellingly written and acted while maintaining a feel that felt very realistic.

The case itself did not bore me, but it definitely was not as intriguing as Alicia’s personal issues. I did however enjoy the new judge’s appearance and am looking forward to seeing more of her.

Moreover, while Will’s ex berating Alicia was undoubtedly hard to watch, I was impressed that the show took such a brave step and portrayed its lead in such a negative light. It really cements why I love this brilliant show.

Finally, the seeds have been planted for Alicia & Kalinda’s relationship to be restored and I couldn’t be happier. The arc has been handled well but it’s about time they reach an understanding and I’m glad we got to this point organically.

All in all, a strong offering.

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