One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill 9×12 – Anyone Who Had A Heart

"I have post-traumatic stress disorder from catching you two doing it!"



You’d think the penultimate hour of One Tree Hill would pack more of a punch. Obviously the writers don’t really care about giving it their all and affording One Tree Hill the respect it deserves considering its impact in pop culture. The show has consistently maintained a particularly loyal legion of fans across the globe who have stuck with it for years and yet it’s done nothing but pay them back with horrendous storylines and atrocious dialogue (for the last few seasons at least).

One would be forgiven in forgetting that One Tree Hill was actually a wonderful show in its prime (the first four seasons) before it became a walking soundtrack and an embarrassment of a show.

So much of this hour was just so disposable that I didn’t believe my eyes. I literally could not care less about anybody from Mouth and Millie to Skillz and Chase. Even Brooke’s storyline with her suddenly perfect family felt forced and contrived. And sure watching Clay and Quinn bonding with Logan was enjoyable, but I didn’t feel much of a connection to them because I still view them as lifeless robots and not the fully defined characters they should be by now. (It doesn’t help that they’ve joined the show in its worst years).

Moreover, this episode further cemented just how cheesy One Tree Hill has become over the last few hours. The sickeningly corny dialogue coupled with every member of the cast in love with one another has gotten extremely repetitive and tedious. I’m just glad the show is being put out of its misery because they really have nowhere left to go.

Ultimately, the show has one last chance to redeem itself with the series finale next week so let’s hope they don’t blow it or they just might put the final nail in the coffin that is One Tree Hill’s tainted legacy.

A true pity.

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