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Mad Men 5×01/02 – A Little Kiss

"Is it just me or is the lobby full of negros?"


I’d really forgotten how much I’d missed Mad Men until this premiere. It’s such a fascinating and compelling world that’s unlike anything else on television. The attention to detail, the poignant moments, the vibrant characters, everything was on point in this fantastic premiere. Well, except for Betty who’s absence was unfortunate as I know I belong to the minority who love that psychopath.

First off, Don & Megan’s marriage is on much better ground than I would have ever expected. Who would have predicted that Don would be so happy and much less aggressive (as Peggy pointed out)? It was an interesting turn of events and Megan is still a suitably mysterious cipher , one whom I still can’t seem to fully comprehend. Nevertheless, they’re an engaging couple and it’s going to be entertaining to see them unravel.

In other news, I enjoyed Pete’s antics as he tried to procure a larger office. It’s undoubtedly deserved and it might just be the first time I enjoy the character in quite a while. In addition, Roger was his usual awesome self equipped with some hilarious one-liners and comebacks. However, the real meat will undoubtedly lie with Joan’s baby and I can’t wait for that reveal to come out into the open.

Speaking of Joan, I loved her and motherhood. It’s such a fascinating avenue to see the character explore especially during a time where a woman’s place is not always guaranteed. The arrival of her vindictive mother clarified Joan’s personality quite a bit so I’m hoping she sticks around for a while. Joan truly sealed herself as my favorite character in the magnificent sequence that showed her return to the agency. Consequently, her talk/breakdown with Lane was superb and deeply layered further cementing the various complexities of our dynamic cast of characters.

Finally, I’m loving that our characters now have to deal with the issue of black employees who are now applying to SCDP thanks to the Y&R clash. Things are going to get really good and I for one can not wait.

Pitches & Pieces

Very intriguing opening with the racist Y&R team dropping water bags on black protesters.

– Joan’s mom making an appearance was a welcome surprise.

– Don asking Megan to give him a sneak peak during office hours: very naughty.

– I liked Peggy’s bean ballet pitch. Reminds me of work as I’m really appreciating the advertising side of the show so much more.

– Loved Sterling ruining Don’s surprise party.

– Megan’s dance; suitably cheesy.

– Don snapping at Megan after the party was uncalled for and typical Don ungratefulness. Some things never change.

– Sterling’s mock-Megan dance at the office was hysterical and probably my favorite moment of the premiere.

– Campbell wants a bigger office; that poor soul.

– Hilarious Harry getting inappropriately caught by Megan.

– Awesome scene with Sterling convincing Harry to give up his office.

– Wonderful moment with Joan struggling to open the agency doors.

– Megan asking Peggy if she could go home was embarrassing to watch. She’s particularly immature.

– The Don Megan cleaning/sex scene saga was pretty weird and yet deeply layered (as this show always is).

– Seriously where’s Betty?

Crisp Copy

Sally: You’re not gonna come in?
Don: No, but give Morticia and Lurch my love.

Roger: Why don’t you buy yourself a fancy hat? Or a mask or something…

Pete: You think he’s looking at your breasts? He’s looking at MY calender!

Roger: Why don’t you sing like that?
Jane: Why don’t you look like that?

Campbell: There’s no window in there.
Roger: You could buy yourself a very beautiful picture of something to look at.

Secretary: I’m very happy being nobody here.
Joan: I knew a girl who had your job who ended up with everything.

Lane: (To Joan) The two of them couldn’t operate a parking meter; they’re imbeciles.

Roger: (To Joan) Well well well, there’s my baby! And move that brat out of the way so I can see her.

Delightfully witty and consistently compelling, this was an excellent premiere and a genius reminder of Mad Men’s brilliance.

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  1. I haven't read anything on this show yet (until now) so I'm shocked to hear people didn't love Betty! I find her character absolutely fascinating and complex. And January Jones is radiant and amazing.

    But OF COURSE Joan is by far the show's most fascinating character. God I loved her entrance back into the firm. And I don't remember the last time I was so invested in a TV romance as I am in Joan/Roger. Fingers crossed they get back together soon!

    Only character I hate is Pete – and I guess that's because I just don't like the actor. But Peggy's development on this show: wooww.

    Love this show. It's really unlike anything else I've ever watched. And I'm excited to be reading your reviews from here on end! Will keep you updated of course!

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