Missing 1×03 – The Ice Queen

"Very observant for a housewife."


Some shows are bad and boring. Ringer would be the most recent and obvious example. Missing on the other hand is just bad. Yes, the writing is atrocious and the characters horribly drawn, but it’s undeniably entertaining as it constantly zips around Europe in an effort to keep us enthralled. It’s sad really because the show’s third outing has all but destroyed the goodwill built in the second episode which was a strong offering.

First off, the kid who plays Michael is an embarrassment. The less time spent with him the better (although I doubt the writers intend to stray too far from him which is unfortunate). Moreover, his growing relationship with the slave girl Oxana is eye-rollingly cringe-worthy so I shudder to think at the amount of time we’ll be spending with those two.

Second, what the hell is the point of the character of Mary? Her following Becca to Europe is extremely contrived and the character herself is extremely unlikeable. And then Mary at the party? Good heavens the horror. I get what the writers are trying to do: having Becca’s personal and professional lives colliding but it was just so lazily done. The boiling point for me came when Becca revealed her spy secret and Mary had the nerve to nag about “Phil” and berate Becca for serving her country. Totally insipid and irritating. I seriously felt bad for Ashley Judd and the material she had to deal with in this episode.

If I were to state the things I did like (besides the fact that the show is entertainingly fast-paced), I’d say that I’m enjoying Jon Carlo’s relationship with Becca and his aiding her on her quest. I can see a hint of chemistry between the two that could prove pleasant enough.

In addition, this episode was visually very beautiful in a classic case of style over substance. It really felt empty inside which is unfortunate. Nevertheless, I will be sticking with it as it’s a passable diversion and I do want to see how it ends.

Missing Pieces

Does anyone ever really wake up from a nightmare screaming “MOM”?

– I’m not sure living in a gorgeous mansion counts as being kidnapped.

– Pretty cool boat chase. The editing not so much.

– So is Becca’s husband still alive? I wouldn’t put it past them.

– The sniper shot to the head was an undoubtedly impressive moment.

– Could there have been a weirder and more awkward song choice to end the episode with?

Ultimately, as horribly flawed as this hour was, Missing continues to be a more or less enjoyable guilty pleasure.

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