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The Vampire Diaries 3×18 – The Murder Of One

"Why do I always have to be Klaus-bait?"


Hallelujah. After weeks of frustrating storytelling and going through the motions, TVD bounces back with an exciting little hour that aligns the season back on track.

First off, I loved the fact that Team Elena got proactive and got together in the woods with their plan to finally take out the Originals. It reminded of Buffy’s Scooby Gang and it was an undoubtedly welcome development. Even better, was the fact that Team Klaus got bolder and made sure the linked-Originals spell was reversed. This storyline actually made excellent use of Bonnie for the first time in a long, long time as we got a beautiful moment of her breaking down. It was a long time coming as the character had been exploited by practically everyone in her life.

Moreover, I quite liked the twist of the Originals’ death being linked to every vampire in their bloodline. It’s an exceptional complication that is bound to yield some intriguing developments. The writers have really set the groundwork for several potentially awesome climaxes this season so let’s hope they don’t disappoint.

Finally, I have to mention that the love triangle between Elena and the Salvatores has been handled masterfully. It’s very rare that a show deals with such a storyline in such a subtle and nuanced manner so I applaud them for it. Everything has evolved organically and I find myself rooting for all three characters so that’s definitely an achievement.

Bits & Bites

I can’t believe the way too obvious product placement with Klaus and his smartphone texting features. Distracting and tacky.

– Rebekah showing up and stabbing Damon; totally unexpected.

– Jeremy as blackmail. Through AT&T no less.

– Loved the vision Rebekah gave Damon with Elena “saving” him.

– Vervaine Tequila. Yummy.

– Excellent shot of Finn burning and Sage sobbing.

– Interesting development with Bonnie choosing not to save Damon.

– Amazing scene with Sage attacking Stefan & Caroline only to suddenly choke to death.

– Really loved Rebekah releasing Damon. She’s truly one of my favorite characters and I hope she’s the only Original who sticks around as part of the cast for a long time.

– Alaric with the final stake isn’t the strongest cliffhanger, but I’m obviously intrigued to see where the writers take this.

Vampy Zingers

Damon: (To Rebekah) Gotta admit even for me, it’s a little kinky.

Caroline: Heard you had a run-in with Buffy the Vampire?

Caroline: I’m gonna take a page from the Elena Gilbert handbook and just believe that you can be saved.

Caroline: I miss well-adjusted Stefan.

This was a welcome return to form after a weak run of episodes. A gripping and intriguing hour that sets the foundation for a hopefully explosive stretch to the finish line.

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