Awake 1×04 – Kate Is Enough


I’m really torn when it comes to reviewing this episode.

On one hand, I found myself completely and utterly bored by the dual police cases (I really do hate standalones and procedurals), but on the other hand, everything else relating to the premise of the show and the dual realities was pretty great.

The writers continued to do a fantastic job in tackling grief and the effects that a monumental loss can have on an individual embodied by the titular Kate. The sequence at the end with Michael talking to both Kates in different realities was actually magnificent and saved the episode for me. Moreover, I love that it clarified some things in Michael’s mind and encouraged him to really follow through on his attempts to connect to his son.

In addition, we got an immensely confusing yet spectacularly scene in which Michael’s therapists tried to analyze the whole Kate situations in competitive fashion (to the audience at least). The therapist sessions might actually be my most favorite segments of Awake as I just find them much more absorbing than the cases of the week.

Let’s hope the writers can take a lesson from Michael in the future and do a better job at balancing the show’s dual identities.

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