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Desperate Housewives 8×19 – With So Little To be Sure Of

"You tidied up the dead guy?"


Now that we’re so close to the finish line, I would have preferred a stronger offering from Desperate Housewives. This was an entertaining hour to be sure, but it was far from the awesomeness one expects from a veteran show so late in its final season.

Bree undoubtedly had a good subplot here as we’re finally getting some traction beginning with her arrest. Although I don’t like the women agreeing to use her as a scapegoat (and the policeman on Bree’s trail is extremely irritating), I quite enjoyed our redhead’s new defense attorney. He fits in perfectly with the tone of the show and I can’t wait to see more of him.

As for Gabby, Eva Longoria continues to impress me as always with some brilliant moments during her personal shopper escapades. Carlos on the other hand is turning into Tom constantly nagging about being emasculated and having to take care of the family for once. The writers could do better with this one.

Although I’m still annoyed by Lynette’s increasing desperation, I enjoyed her finally taking a stand and signing the divorce papers. I really don’t want her and Tom back together as it truly feels like their problems have not been solved. Oy.

Susan’s storyline is the one I have the biggest beef with. The whole Mike having a secret autistic sister coupled with the weekly checks and his mom’s guilt all felt very forced and contrived. It just reeked of the writers’ room orchestrating a way to get Julie to keep the baby. Truly it was too much and I just didn’t know how to feel about the whole thing. Weren’t Julie’s reasons for giving up the baby in the first place valid? And why all the convoluted retconning with Mike’s secret Monday night visits that definitely don’t fit with the history of the show or the Delfinos’ previous financial status.

Finally, I have to say that I’m really irritated by the fact that it looks like our main big bad of the season is a vindictive, totally unlikeable police officer with Bree in his cross-hairs. The character is too one dimensional for my liking so I really hope a more interesting antagonist pops up before the season is over.

 Wisteria Snippets

– Amazing teaser with Bree’s bridal shower turning into an arrest as she gets carted away with poise.

– Love that Bree’s good manners got them caught (the button on Alejandro’s shirt).

– Bree’s new criminal lawyer is a hoot. Love his excuses for all the evidence against Bree.

– Epic sequence with Gabby as a personal shopper in the men’s department. That’s two weeks in a row of hysterical of Gabby sequences. Longoria never ceases to impress me.

– Brilliant reaction with Lynette spraying Jane with the green cake mix. Quite unexpected.

– Lynette’s “I’m sorry” cry is Felicity Huffman at her usual best. What a talent.

– Do we really need to be spending so much time with Jane when we have much more interesting women on the show?

– The evil police officer tainting the evidence and putting Bree’s address down really pissed me off.

– Carlos as Gabby’s brother: HA!

– Loved Carlos & Gabby arguing outside the restaurant. Oh how the tables have turned.

– As forced as it was, a touching scene as Julie realizes she wants to keep the baby.

– It’s an injustice really how underused Vanessa Williams is. Marc Cherry doesn’t seem to comprehend what a talent he’s wasting.

The Grapevine

Policeman: Bree Van De Kamp, we have a warrant for your arrest.
Gabrielle: Yeah yeah yeah, she also has the right to remain horny.

Gabrielle: Oh you don’t want Margret. Her idea of fashion is wearing one normal shoe and one clunky shoe.
Shopper: She has a prosthetic leg.
Gabrielle: And that’s why she’s my hero.

Gabrielle: (To Carlos) Oh by the way, think you can mix things up? Getting a little tired of chicken.

An enjoyable yet somewhat disappointing episode. I expect more so step it up again DH.

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